While Ansel Adams left copious notes on the dates, times and exposure data of his 171 photographs for the Mural Project, there is no easy way to determine exactly where he set his tripod on the ground to make his images. The only way it to visit each park and hike the trails, reference photos in hand, looking for a scene that matches the historic images. 

From April 2018 through October of 2021, Frank will be traversing the American West in his camper to investigate, discover, and map out all of the locations in The Mural Project 1941 Portfolio.  When the day of each shoot arrives, we hope to know exactly when and where to set down our tripods. 

We have also been extensively researching the gear used to capture the historic images. In the project notes, we find that a Deardorff V8 , 8x10 large format camera and a Koronaview 5x7 Large format camera were used, along with specific lenses to include the rare and elusive Cooke Convertible. Despite the odds, Frank has managed to locate and procure good working versions of all of the original gear so that he might achieve the closest " Apple-to-Apples" comparison to date. 

The 79 Years Project Team. 

location and research sample images. 

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